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We are proud of our culture and values, as they define who we are and what we stand for.
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Pierre Vannier
CEO - Flint
“ Flint stands out for its culture and values, which link at the core of our identity. They guide every decision and daily actions we take. They create a solid and consistent framework that influences our approach of work, our relationships with our colleagues, clients, and partners.

They also build the foundation of our commitment to a more ethical and human-centered IT industry. As an awareactor in the societal changes of our time, we pledge to a more responsible use of technology.

We are determined and committed to actively contribute to the development of a balanced, inclusive, and diverse-respecting digital environment.“


Our humanistic approach guides our desire to bring more meaning to our work, to redefine traditional levers, and to contribute to an ever-evolving society.

It revolves around two axes.

  • Our relationship with others: We are committed to creating fulfilling work environments where everyone can express their full potential through the daily practice of authenticity, empathy, transparency, and kindness.
  • Our relationship with technology: For us, the opposition between humans and technology is obsolete. It no longer has a place in an interconnected and ever-changing world. Instead, we seek to create synergy between humans and technology by fostering beneficial interactions between them.


Ethics, transparency, and kindness are paramount for all stakeholders in our ecosystem (employees, clients, and partners). It forms the nest for healthy, sustainable, and high-quality relationships. It enables:

  • Creating a work environment where everyone can thrive, improve their potential, and feel acknowledged valued.
  • Nurturing relationships based on trust and collaboration with our clients.
  • Establishing strong and mutually beneficial partnerships.


Flint aims to bring together a community of experts who leverage their diversity, excellence, collective intelligence, and continuous improvement to support our clients. Encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing allows us to foster a dynamic learning culture and then targets more ambitious projects. 

The strength of a company is created by their talents. We are committed to hiring individuals, not just resumes. Soft skills are as important as technical skills. By assembling the best talents, we build a powerful, creative team ready to tackle the most demanding challenges.

Collective intelligence

We are proud to contribute actively to our ecosystems, by sharing our ideas, speaking in events, and collaborating with our partners. This synergy is essential for nourishing our expertise, enriching our knowledge and exploring new perspectives.

The contagious energy that emanates from these exchanges inspires and drives us. Learning collectively is both more rewarding and fulfilling. We know that together we can go further and achieve more ambitious goals.


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