Community driven

We sincerely believe in collective intelligence.
We believe in knowledge sharing. 
We believe in the power of the community.


We do not adhere to any dogma and do not favor any particular technology. Back-end, Front-end, Mobile development, Data, Cloud, DevOps, Agile Methods, etc. we regularly share our passion and convictions about current technological topics.

Podcast - AI is not just about Data

The podcast that allows you to regain control over what is being said about artificial intelligence, through monthly interviews with expert guests in technology, AI, or data.

Tech Press Review Podcast

Every week, we select relevant Tech, Data, and AI news that we analyze using artificial intelligence, and we transform it into a 10-minutes podcast with speakers generated by AI as well.

Podcast - Move your data

Discover the podcast that focuses on 5 pillars of data maturity: data potential, data strategy, data culture, data skills, data governance. Hosted by industry experts. In partnership with Datasulting as part of the OMDE initiative in which Flint actively participates.

Open Source projects

Each quarter, flinters select 3 open source projects they wish to support. As a newly launched initiative, we already support FastAPI, AssemblyScript and Flask. Supporting open source projects is essential for a more virtuous tech industry.
Going beyond words, taking actions.

Event - Cultive ta Data

We had the pleasure of participating in the flagship conference “Cultive ta Data” where we shared our passion and expertise about Artificial Intelligence. We delivered a conference, hosted a panel discussion and conducted a demonstration. Recordings of these sessions are now available on our Youtube channel.

Refactor podcast

Through this podcast, we deep dive into topics between technology and Future of Work. We are still looking forward to speakers and topics, so feel free to contact us.