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Each flinter, by their technical skills, deep knowledge and soft skills, contributes to delivering quality services. Their commitment to excellence and passion for the latest technologies are the pillars on which we build our expertise. Their experience and mastery of latest innovations enable them to deliver sustainable and high performing solutions to you. 

By working together with you, we fully invest ourselves in understanding your business challenges to provide personalized solutions that meet your specific needs. 

Our collaborative and continuous improvement approaches enable us to better support you and exceed your expectations.


Our expertise in development allows us to create robust and high-performing technological solutions. From server-side feature development to designing and optimizing the user interface, we master the most advanced technologies and frameworks to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Mobile app development

Our expertise in mobile development allows us to create high-performing and intuitive applications for iOS and Android platforms. Whether it's native development or the use of cross-platform frameworks, we design mobile applications that provide an optimal user experience and meet the specific requirements of your project.

Data / BI / IA

Our experts in Data, Business Intelligence (BI), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help you leverage your data. By their expertise in data analysis technologies and methodologies, predictive modeling, visualization, dashboard creation, as well as the integration of AI, they enhance your processes to gain strategic insights for informed decision-making.


Our cloud and DevOps experts support you in setting up and managing cloud infrastructures, as well as automating deployment, development, and application management processes. They help you leverage cloud services and adopt best DevOps practices to ensure optimal scalability, reliability, and security of your applications.

Agile methods

We sincerely believe in an agile approach to software development. By embracing these methodologies and principles, we promote flexibility, collaboration, and iterative delivery of features. Our expertise in agility enables us to support you in efficiently managing your projects and helps you quickly respond to changes and market needs.


Our expertise in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) allows us to design attractive and user-friendly interfaces for your applications and websites. We use user-centered research and design methodologies to create engaging and intuitive experiences. Whether through wireframes, interactive prototypes, or user testing, we ensure that each interaction is thoughtfully designed and optimized to provide a seamless experience that will captivate your users.

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