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AI and Gen AI (Generative AI) rapid developments are opening new horizons that were previously inaccessible to more conventional artificial intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning).

These new generations of AI offer a completely new perspective when it comes to businesses’ approach to innovation, productivity, and decision making.

A rigorous and optimal AI or Gen AI approach is composed of 5 key stages, and our offers are tailored to match the needs that each one of them represents. Our expert will accompany you throughout this process, from the understanding of Gen AI to production deployment and the supervision of high-value AI / Gen AI products and services.


Acculturation and support

Integrating Generative AI and/or AI in business requires a solid understanding and demystification of its fundamental concepts. We assist you at every step of the way so that your key decisions are made wisely:

  • Acculturation of executive committees on what Gen AI is and the associated business/strategic challenges;
  • Train decision-makers on the key aspects of a successful Gen AI approach;
  • Identification of macro/strategic risks and opportunities, as well as specific points of attention;
  • Co-construction of a business /organizational roadmap.

Key benefits: Tailored approach; Continuous support; Strategic alignment among decision makers; Risk limitation; Co-construction.

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AI due Diligence: Understanding your existing landscape

To envision the future through the lens of AI and Gen AI, it is paramount to have an truthful understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your Information System (IS).

Our audit offer provides a comprehensive assessment:

  • Technical audit;
  • Organizational audit;
  • AI due diligence.

Key benefits: Cross-cutting approach through the AI / Gen AI perspective ; Customized results; Recommendations coordinated.

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Ideation for Gen AI Use Cases

Gen AI offers unprecedented opportunities, but how do you identify, design, and, of course, prioritize them? Our Product and AI experts support you through the key steps of a successful ideation:

  • Interviews: Gathering strategic, operational, technical, and human needs and constraints;
  • Ideation workshop: Exploratory study, inspiration workshop, divergence and convergence workshop;
  • AI Design Sprint: Development of a Proof of Concept (PoC);
  • Final presentation allowing business leaders to have a clear vision of the potential value of the use cases.

Key benefits: In-depth exploration; Creative ideation; Strategic alignment; Co-creation; Lean/Agile approach.

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    From PoC to MVP

    We guide you through the optimal implementation to effectively transform your PoC (Proof of Concept) into a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) through:

    • Benchmarking technological options:
      - BUY: Solutions relying on off-the-shelf software, often involving calls to specialized Gen AI APIs.
      - BUILD: Ad-hoc solutions built around frameworks and often open-source models, involving greater control (business/cost) and longevity of the MVP.
    • MVP development with the implementation of crafts practices and agile methods, support in project management, and guidance across all roles in a Gen AI application project (UX/UI, Backend, Frontend, Quality, Product Ownership, AI, ML Ops, Cybersecurity).

    In order to ensure the best possible result, our consultants join your teams or we create a complete team/feature team dedicated to the realization of your MVP.

    Key benefits: Quality development; Personalized support; Single point of contact; Knowledge transfer; Possible inner sourcing approach.

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    Scaling your projects

    We support you through all the key stages of transitioning from a validated MVP to a final product available on a larger scale:

    • Definition of the optimal target infrastructure and technological choices;
    • Validation of the best UX/UI to access actionable data;
    • Implementation of data and model quality tracking pipelines;
    • Support in the development of all or part of the project (Backend, Frontend, Quality, Product Ownership, AI, ML Ops, Cybersecurity, Data Engineering);
    • Development of use cases, with a focus on development quality and the best Time-To-Market.

    Key benefits: Development quality; Longevity; Knowledge transfer.

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