Assess Data Science / Artificial Intelligence business opportunities

Transform your sleeping data into actionable products

Flint collaborates with LAB’S 214, a strategy, product, and service design studio,
to offer you a pragmatic approach that efficiently takes you from ideation to production.

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Phase 1: Exploration

Based on the expected impacts as well as the real benefits of the selected Use Cases, this first step points you in the right direction.
The exploration phase is composed of 2 stages: ideation followed by AI/Data design sprint(s).

We’ve set up a multidisciplinary team consisting of a Product Strategist and a Data Scientist. These two experts address the entire decision-making process. They provide expert guidance and support as you explore the opportunities that Data Science and Artificial Intelligence can bring to your business.


Starting from a realistic technical solution, a successful Data Science / AI Use Case should respond to a strategic need that unfolds into an operational reality. This ideation phase allows you to discover and select the most relevant ideas to prototype.


The AI / Data Design Sprint aims at accelerating and streamlining the prototyping of a Use Case, ensuring that the final need is met as quickly as possible and that everything is in place for its successful execution.
This second step enables business departments to gain a clear understanding of the potential value of the Use Case as well as the amount of work required to turn it into a finished product.


At the end of an AI / Data Design Sprint, business departments face 3 different alternatives, depending on the results:

  • Keep deep diving into a particular Use Case that would appear promising;
  • Carry on with the same use case, using a dynamic approach to address it in the best possible way;
  • Switch to another, more promising, Use Case while keeping in mind the lessons learned along the way.

Phase 2: Industrialization

The exploration phase ends up teaching you whether the Use Case can (and should) be pursued next to the industrialization phase.
This second phase is composed of 3 key steps:

  • Architecture: Collaborative workshops to determine the best platform for hosting the target solution, as well as suitable technological choices;
  • Design Sprint(s): Iterative prototyping workshops aimed at finding the best UX/UI to make your data actionable and usable in production;
  • Project Sprint(s): Implementation and industrialization of validated Use Cases, with a focus on development quality and the fastest time-to-market.

Choosing Flint and Lab’s 214 expertise means

Promoting collaboration as the main element of development.

You have the business knowledge, and we have the product, technical expertise, and a proven methodology. Together, we will be able to define the high-value Use Cases for your business.

Having a clear insight into the next steps.

We've designed this offer to guide you step by step and, most importantly, to to give you visibility on the project at every given moment.

Join a community of 50 experts.

In addition to the two experts who will accompany you, you will have access to the design, product, tech, and data knowledge of 50 experts within Flint and Lab's 2014.

Let's discuss how Data and AI can serve your business needs, in reality, let’s share a coffee!

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