Tech consulting

Ramp up and accelerate your projects with our tech experts.

Flexible and agile

Some projects require a different approach than hiring. This offer is meant to bring our tech expertise for periods spanning from 6 to 18 months or more.

Cutting edge sectors

We have partners within several innovative sectors.

  • Surgical robotics
  • Energy
  • FinTech

Wide range of skills

We provide tech expertise in many fields: software development and architecture, project management, security, DevOps, data and more.

Future of work

With the recent organizational challenges in mind, we designed our consulting to best fit the new paradigm of hybrid and remote work.

Genuine partnership

We care about the quality of our consulting relationship and provide a regular and thorough follow-up.

Singular approach

We believe that soft skills and mindset are paramount in tech consulting. Our experts are chosen for their ability to best complement your teams.

Let's talk?

We'd be glad to hear about your tech and HR needs.